Who I Am

Career Path

I've been in web development for 11 years, mostly specialized for back-end work in the open-source PHP world. I learned by writing all custom PHP in procedural style first, including my own templating language. Eventually I moved on to MVC frameworks like Magento and Laravel, the latter in which I feel most comfortable.

I've also got a fair amount of experience in front-end development as I began my work when conflicts with Internet Explorer were still a developer's nightmare scenario. I am as comfortable working with normal CSS and Javascript as some may be with preprocessors and libraries, which makes me quite formidable when using those tools. My experience with Javascript libraries includes writing custom MooTools and jQuery plugins, and I'm teaching myself AngularJS and Vue.

Prior to that, I had ascended to the role of prepress manager in an offset printing company, so I have some experience in graphic design to compliment my work on the front-end.


Most of my free time is spent playing video games or writing code for my own projects. I have built a couple computers and have the itch to build more. I am also a heavy metal fan and an intermediate drummer. I am also learning Norwegian, and, eventually, Swedish. I don't get into sports very heavily, but I am a fan of the Washington Capitals.